Hot Housewives

I am a hot housewife and my husband neglects me, s what am I to do? Wait for him to change or just masturbate all the time? No, I’m looking for some hot action, and I’ve found some right here in my own neighborhood. The man next door is a perfectly nice guy, but his wife works about as much as my husband, and he’s neglected as well, so guess what, we have found comfort together many a night when we’ve both been left alone. There’s also a college boy around the block that I’ve played with as well.

I am not going to be deprived just because someone else is not putting my needs first, I will put my own needs first. The guy next door has a lovely cock, his wife’s a fool for not wanting to fuck him, I love sucking his cock and fucking him in her bed, I haven’t a shred of sympathy for her for not giving her man any love. He’s welcome to my pussy any time he wants it. He hasn’t gotten a blow job from her in years, and only a fuck a few times a year. I love drooling all over his erect cock and taking it down my throat.

He likes to bend me over and fuck me hard from behind and smack my ass, I like that, I haven’t had a good fuck from behind from my own husband in years. Grabbing at my tits, rubbing my nipples, feeling his cum filled balls slapping against me. I get so wet when I’m with him, I cream all the way down my leg. My sloppy pussy milks his cock and gets every drop out of his balls. I might be a horny housewife, but I will get my playtime when I can get it. I need to cum a lot, and these men around the neighborhood seem more than willing to help me out, and I love helping them as well.

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