Little Girl Panties

So many callers like the idea of little girls, now they swear up and down they would never actually do anything if given the chance, but who really knows? One caller that likes to fantasize about when he was a teen and his little sister was much younger than that, although he says he never did anything to her, he likes to imagine masturbating in front of her and showing her his teenage cock and how he rubs it and then how it ejaculates. He gets such pleasure from such fantasies, he mentioned recently how he might buy a package of little girl panties to masturbate with.

He said he could rub them up and down on his cock and imagine they are his little sister’s panties. He’s now nearly sixty and his “little sister” is over fifty, so the days when they were little are long behind them now, but he likes to imagine what might have happened if they had gotten the chance to play together way back when. It’s amazing that ones can fantasize about what might have been scenes literally decades after such times have passed and how nothing ever happened even way back when. He similarly fantasizes about his mom and she’s long dead.

He imagines ordering these panties online, since of course he wouldn’t want to buy them in person and have anyone think he was weird or something, but then he’d go home, close his eyes and think about a little sister watching in amazement as he masturbated in front of them, all the while stroking his cock with the pair of little girl panties. Harmless enough really, just a little odd, but no one’s getting hurt by acting out such scenarios, so why not. If a package of little girl panties can enhance your orgasm, why not. Go for it.

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