Don’t Put It In

My current boyfriend is really into tease and denial and loves to be brought right to the brink and not be allowed to cum. I of course cum many times. He even has enough control that I can fuck him, ride his cock and he can control not cumming and he’s left with horrible blue balls. One way I enjoy teasing him is I straddle him and glide my pussy lips up and down his dick, so my clit is being rubbed by his hard cock, but he’s not allowed to put it in me.

I can cum really well like that, and I know it drives him wild. I don’t know how he can control his cumming so well, he’s got a lot more control than I do! He can stay hard for a long time, so I can cum multiple times. I usually rest for a few minutes between orgasms, and he calms down a bit during those cool down times, then I start bucking back and forth again and he’s harder than ever and I’m grinding my clit against him and making myself cum so hard, getting his dick all sticky.

Sometimes I want him to cum inside of me and it’s rare he actually allows himself to. He loves to lick me, fuck me, use his fingers on me, he’s pretty good about making me cum as much as I want to, I’m hardly deprived by any means. Sometimes I just masturbate in front of him to tease him, I have all kinds of fun with him.

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