My Brother Touched Me

When I was in my early teens, I’d seen my brother who was a few years older looking at me in a not very family like way, and one night when our parents were out, I came out of the shower and went into my bedroom and he was sitting on the bed. I just had my robe on and he told me to come sit next to him on the bed. He was clearly hard through his boxer shorts. I wasn’t nervous, but I wondered what was going to happen. He asked me if I masturbated and I didn’t say anything, and he said it was ok, he knew I did, he’d heard me, and he did too and he wanted for us to do it together.

He pulled his cock out of his shorts and started to stroke himself and I’d never seen a real cock so close before. He then encouraged me to rub my pussy but I was a bit shy, so he asked if he could do it for me, and without waiting for a reply, he reached over and slightly pulled my robe apart and he reached down to my pussy and started to rub me. I was already wet from having watched it, it had excited and aroused me and he commented on the fact my little pussy was already slick with wetness.

He continued to stroke his cock with one hand and rub my pussy with the other. I spread my legs open wider for him, and it felt different having someone else touch me there, but I liked it and as he skillfully rubbed my clit, it wasn’t long until I shivered with orgasm. I felt kind of naughty letting my brother touch me that way, but it felt good and I felt this was the first time of many we were likely to be naughty with one another.

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