Wank Me With Those Tits

I’ve always been blessed with big boobs, and of course all the boyfriends I’ve ever had have wanted to enjoy them as much as possible. I think every single one of them has gotten a tit fuck at one time or another. Of course a good tit wank can be combined with oral sex so you can lick the head of it every time it pops up under the chin and give it a little kiss, a little suck when it’s right there. I’ve always found it funny guys are so in love with big tits, since they usually don’t give women much pleasure, but hey, we want the guys to be pleased and keep coming back for more, don’t we? So of course we indulge them once in a while.

Last night my boyfriend was giving me a body massage with some oils and when I rolled over on my front he was loving to rub the oils into my big breasts and he couldn’t resist their slipperiness and how full and sensual they felt, so he asked if I’d allow him to lay his hard cock in between them and let him go to town. I said go right ahead, I’d like that.

I held my tits together and soon had his also oiled up member between them and felt it pumping and pumping. He’d reached behind and was massaging my clit at the same time, which of course felt wonderful. I loved the way he’d rub my pussy, he was good at multitasking for sure. I could feel my pussy gushing, getting ready to cum and cum hard, and I tightened my grip around my breasts so his cock would soon explode and give me a pearl necklace all over my chest and neck. I came and he came, we all were enjoying our orgasms and then, after catching our breath, we got into the shower and soaped each other up and then rinsed off. It was a very sexy afternoon.

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