Cock Cage Forever

One thing many callers mention that are either small dicked themselves, or that have been placed in a chastity device by a wife, girlfriend or Mistress, is they are able in many cases to train themselves to cum even with their cock being inaccessible. They of course become accustomed to anal stimulation, either with toys, the lady using a strap on on them, and they are able to squirt their usually tiny loads from that stimulation alone.

One rather unique caller, claims to have a fifty five gallon drum in his bedroom with a dildo attached to it he hops up on and rides. I’ve honestly never heard of anyone having a barrel in their home before, let alone in their bedroom. There surely must be a coffee table he could stick the suction cup base down on. I’ve seen a few clients on cam over the years use those toys with a suction cup base and one even stuck it to the wall and then backed up on it. Some things you just can’t unsee….

If the prostate is the only thing available to them to give them pleasure if their cock is in lock down for who knows how many weeks or months, they will use their ass to begin exploring other types of orgasms, and they usually figure out pretty quickly they can indeed find pleasure that way. One caller said he hasn’t even used his cock for masturbating in years, he only uses toys up his ass now and has prostate orgasms and cums from them alone. Not all women are going to be willing to use a strap on on a man, or use her fingers or anything of the kind, so many times men with a fixation on their own ass, are going to have to go it alone and discover their bliss that way.

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