Paris Holiday

Recently I went to Paris with my boyfriend for the week and we took in all the sights. One evening we decided to make love on the balcony and enjoy the sounds and sights of the city at the same time. We took some pillows and blankets onto the balcony and laid them down and made love right there, with the city of lights in our view, and it was so romantic. Imagine making love with the sight of the Eiffel Tower in view, what could be more romantic?

We kissed and fondled and he teased me with his fingertips and we wondered how many others in the city were making love at the same time we were and how many were enjoying the view at the same time and being in the arms of their lovers. I tenderly took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it, driving him wild with my warm, wet mouth that was moving up and down his dick and flicking the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue, tasting his precum on it.

It wasn’t long until I was rewarded with a salty mouthful of his cum. He was hard again in moments, and then he had me straddle him and ride his sweet cock, and I was grinding against him and feeling my stiff clit against his shaft as I bucked up and down on him and I leaned forward to kiss him passionately, he squeezed my breasts, making my nipples erect with arousal. I rocked back and forth on top of him faster and faster and I soon came all over his dick as my cunt milked his cock and coaxed another load out of him, flooding my pussy with his hot splashes of cum. We then lay in one another’s arms and just enjoyed the view. Of one another, and of the city outspread before us.

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