Fast Fuck

Last week my boyfriend and I were going to visit his mom in her condo, which is in a highrise building. The elevator has been known to get stuck a few times, as he mentioned to me. Wouldn’t you know that happened when we were on our way up. A voice came over the elevator intercom that maintenance had been notified, but it was going to be twenty to thirty minutes until it was moving again. Well I got a grin on my face and said I knew how we could pass the time. He was all for it, and we were soon going at it in the elevator.

Clothes were flying off, zippers being undone, and I soon had that cock in my wet cunt and he was jackhammering the hell out of my pussy. I was laughing saying if only his mom knew what we were up to on our way up. He grabbed my tits and bent me over, sliding his hard cock into me, he pulled my panties to the side and was fucking me so good. We could hear the repairmen working away as we fucked. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and could feel him really fucking me hard, my wet cunt was just stretching with his girth.

The repairmen yelled it would only be another couple of minutes, so I knew we had to finish. He picked up the pace and pounded me faster and faster. I came and yelled out and he soon filled me with cum. The elevator began to move again and we quickly straightened our clothes and got off and went in to see his mom. She asked why I was so flushed, I said the elevator stopping had been a bit nerve wracking. I smiled and thought if only she knew.

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