BBC Worship

This new caller of mine is a black guy and he likes white girls, as most black guys seem to. He has the larger than average cock and he knows how to get white girls begging for his big, black cock. He has a white girlfriend and he loves to throat fuck her and make her cum from sucking his cock alone. He didn’t think a girl could cum from sucking his dick alone, but apparently she does. She loves to lay on her back in bed with her head over the edge of the bed and let him throat fuck her deep.

He loves to hear her choke and gag on his black, meaty shaft. He asked if I’ve ever been with a black guy and I said no, and he told me I don’t know what I’m missing until I’ve had some dark meat in me, as he put it. Well that may be true, but it’s just not my thing. He said he loves to make white girls scream and find out what they’ve been missing once he fucks them good with his big, black cock. So many of these guys assume all women are craving BBC.

It’s kind of funny when I tell them, no, not everyone is. They are so full of themselves. Some women are total sluts for black dick, that’s true, but not all. They feel a great deal of their value as human beings lies between their legs. Lots of callers also want BBC for themselves. I hear about tiny dicked guys that want to worship BBC every single day, they want to get fucked by it and suck it, worship it in many ways. They know their little white dicks just can’t compare to most BBC’s, so they want to worship them and suck on them themselves.

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