Night of Lust

The other night was my anniversary of when I first met my boyfriend, and I wanted it to be a very sexy and special night for the both of us. I knew we were going to have very hot sex. We’d specifically held off on sex for the last ten days. Not even masturbation. We both had decided to abstain so we would be incredibly horny, and we bother were. There were going to be many orgasms this night and we didn’t want to spoil our sexual appetite.

I love having my pussy licked, and I’d freshly shaved so I was baby smooth, and he didn’t disappoint me. I was laid back on the bed and my thighs gently parted, and kisses rained down on them and up to my waiting and dripping pussy. I felt his tongue open my lips and begin its exploration, and I was in heaven. I could feel my swollen clit getting sucked and pushing me over the edge to my first explosion. I’d barely caught my breath from that when I was flipped over on all fours and had his dick buried all the way up to the balls in my drenched snatch.

I felt him ease inside, and then thrust after thrust of pure pleasure as he gave my ass a few spanks along the way. I soon felt him gush inside of me as his first load of many was released within me, during this night of debauchery and lust. I was rubbing my clit as he pounded away in me and I too exploded shortly after he did. I felt him dripping down my thighs and knew I was going to be one cum covered slut tonight, and I was. We fucked until dawn and fell asleep exhausted after being spent with our passion for one another.

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