Horny and Handicapped

There is a caller that calls sometimes that’s a total quadriplegic. I feel so bad for him, he cannot even jerk off on his own. His helper has to do it for him. I was shocked that he’d even be able to get erections, but apparently that varies by the injury, every case is different. He said he does get erections, sometimes at inappropriate times, but it’s a bit beyond his control. So when he’s feeling horny, he has a helper that will do it for him. I cannot imagine being such a helper, from doing everything from bathing them, feeding them, to dressing them and jerking them off. Personally I’d rather be dead than live like that.

So the helper, who is currently a male even, will put on latex gloves, and jerk him off. It just sounded horrible to me, but the poor soul can’;t do it himself, so the helper he pays does it a few times a month for him. He will likely never have intimate contact with a woman again unless he pays for it, so this is it for him.

When you think how we take for granted masturbation and privacy and being able to do these things when we want and not having anyone required like that to help you, it really makes you grateful. You could be paying someone to change your diapers and jerk you off, so sad and horrible. Even cripples need some sexual satisfaction at times. Some have just denied that part of themselves exists anymore, many of their families also do not want them to have any such contact, so many disabled people are desexualized, or rely on helpers to get them off.

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