Smelling Dad’s Underwear

So there’s this really pervy client that’s been calling a lot and he has all these family fantasies, now mom is pretty common, a sister is asked about once in a while by callers, but this guy is not only talking about an eighty eight year old grandmother, but his own father. He said he took not only pairs of his mom’s panties years ago, but his father’s as well. He actually said he “wanted to smell where his dad’s penis had been.” I could not make that up. He claims he and his dad had a handful of mutual jerk off sessions watching porn together. No clue if that’s true or not, he said he was in his mid thirties and his dad in his mid sixties at the time.

He’s got a lot to say about his dad’s huge cock, and how much he wants to suck it, smell it, get fucked by it and fuck his dad as well, all while mommy watches her boys have such naughty fun as well. There have been a couple of callers over the years that also fantasized about their fathers, but not many, literally less than a handful in the ten years I’ve been doing this job has dad made an appearance on the topic of a call.

Not too many want the entire family involved in their sex fantasies, but the rare one does. Most of what they say seems to be purely fantasy, walking around naked and masturbating in front of the family as if it was the most natural thing in the world. They must wish it was that way, but most families certainly are not quite that open with one another, and you’d usually need to spy on one to see them in a private moment of masturbation.

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