A Fuck in the Park

My boyfriend and I were going on a little walk in the nearby park after dinner last week. It’s a good sized park with lots of trails and a lovely area, so we go there frequently. I don’t know what came over me, but not that long into our walk, this wave of horniness came over me and I said I wanted to fuck, right then and there. He laughed and realized I was serious. I couldn’t even wait to get back home. There was a bench nearby and no one seemed to be around, so he pulled down his pants, and I stripped down and I got on top of him and I rode him hard.

His cock was really hard, I think the spontaneous nature of this kind of sexual encounter just gets him really hard, your body has had no time to prepare, so it’s all just by the moment! I was dripping wet, and his cock slipped easily into me, I was so aroused, I was just grinding on him, my stiff little clit seeking its release. I wrapped my arms around his neck and was just bucking up and down on him and I could feel that orgasm welling up inside of me and I was going to burst any moment.

I was moaning and so was he, I could feel his arousal as he gripped my ass cheeks as we fucked right there in the open. It didn’t take me long to cum and he soon shot his seed into me and we just sat there until we caught our breath, his cock going limp inside of me. It was so sexy and spur of the moment, we needed to have sex like this more often. We soon got redressed and continued on with our walk, silly grins on our faces.

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