Babysitter Whore

When I was in school, I used to mainly make my extra money from babysitting, and some of the middle aged dad’s were pretty hot. I found out a way to make some extra money was by “being friendly” to them. I’d let them know I’d do them some favors if they were a bit generous with the tips, and more times than not it worked. Most of their wives weren’t giving them anything sexually, so they were starved for affection. So a hand job or a blow job, or especially a fuck was very welcome in their sexually barren lives, especially with someone less than half their age.

This one dad, it was a wealthy family, he was always willing to pay a lot for getting a fuck. He’d usually arrange to have me sit when his wife was out of town at her sister’s for the weekend and I’d stay over and once the kids were in bed, I’d join him in his room and we’d fuck all night. He was a nice looking man actually, so I didn’t mind giving him my young, teen pussy one bit. I don’t think he and his wife had had sex for several years, and a girlfriend was too many complications, so our little arrangement worked out perfectly for him, and I had lots of spending money as a result.

My parents never asked where I got all the money for all my clothes and shoes and going out so often, and I didn’t tell them, obviously. My side hustle as a babysitting whore never crossed their minds I’d imagine. I continued on throughout college doing this, it suited me a lot better than a part time job, paid better, and was safer than some escort work, these dads did not want anyone to know about our little arrangement, so they could be trusted to keep quiet. I liked getting fucked, so I might as well get paid to do it!

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