The Flat Tire

Most times a flat tire would be a bad thing you would rather not have to suffer through, but recently, my boyfriend and I were driving home late at night and we got one. He called the auto club, but they said they had several emergencies to get to before us, and would be a good hour before arriving. Well we had to find something to do to kill the time, didn’t we? The road we were on was a very quiet one, he’d taken it since it was a bit quieter and avoided the traffic, and wouldn’t you know, that’s where we get the flat tire, with no one around for miles and someone drives down that road once every few hours at most.

I went out to get a breath of fresh air rather than just sit in the car waiting, and he soon joined me and he leaned over and kissed me. I could feel him getting hard in his jeans the longer we kissed. He helped me up onto the hood and I just laid back and I could feel him growing more and more passionate. He pulled off my shorts and panties and unzipped his pants and we were soon fucking right there on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

I could feel his sweet cock swelling inside my wet pussy and gliding back and forth against my clit as I pulled him deeper into me with every thrust. His balls filling with cum as he got closer and closer to cumming inside of me and soon I came all over his cock and my contractions triggered him and he came inside of me and he collapsed on top of me and we just lay there breathing hard. We got straightened up and it wasn’t too long after the auto club came along and changed the tire and we were on our way. Sometimes taking the long way home can be the best idea.

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