Get Rough With Me

Once in a while my boyfriend can get a bit rough with me sexually, and I cannot say I complain. I find it makes me cum harder from the intensity of the encounter. It’s usually fast and furious and hard and unrelenting and explosive when I climax. The other night I was being a bit of a cock tease with my boyfriend, letting him think he was gonna get lucky when in fact I had no intention of fucking him. Sometimes he doesn’t mind being teased that way, other times it pisses him off, and this was one of those times. It didn’t help that he’d been drinking, either.

I kept teasing and teasing, by rubbing my hand over his cock, something I do when I’m in the mood to get things started, and of course he thought things were going to progress. I laughed and said I was going to the movies with my friend and was soon out the door, leaving him with blue balls. When I came home a few hours later, he was right inside the door waiting for me, naked, I looked down and saw his still raging erection. He said it wasn’t nice to tease, and he practically ripped my clothes off of me and pressed me against the hall wall roughly.

He grabbed my hair and pressed my face to the wall. I was wet in seconds. I soon felt his hard rod ramming into my cunt and beating the living shit out of my pussy. He reached down and fingered my clit quickly as he was fucking me from behind and he growled how he liked a nice, wet slut, which I was, as he fucked me until I came all over his cock. It was pretty hot and unexpected. I need to tease him more often, it pays off.

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