Suck My Cock, Slut

They say blow jobs are to men what giving flowers is to a woman, an always welcome and pleasant surprise. But flowers usually smelly heavenly and look gorgeous, and the same cannot always be said for men’s genitals, but that’s another story…So This new boyfriend of mine had mentioned how “blow job deprived” he was, since his last girlfriend just would not do it, she really hated it and said it wouldn’t be happening with her, so a few times he got them elsewhere, but for the most part he wanted to remain faithful so just gave them up during the relationship.

I told him I had no such qualms and would be happy to suck on his cock at any time, and believe me, he took me up on that offer a lot after we met! He was making up for lost time. I’d often greet him at the door in the nude, waiting on my knees, knowing he’d be thrilled to just walk in and find me that way, waiting for him and his cock. He’d grow hard at the sight of me and I would do it as often as I could and he’d walk closer and I’d just reach up and unbuckle his belt and take out his cock, it would be growing harder and longer by the second.

I’d look him right in the eyes and latch onto it, nursing on the dripping head of it and then swallowing down as much as I could of it. He loved it when I’d often tell him some of his cum was always inside of me since we fucked so much and he got blow jobs even more. I’m happy to please my man as often as possible, it keeps him attentive and at home, ready to please me.

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