The Marvelous Toy

This new guy I’ve been seeing sadly has a small dick, he’s got everything else a woman could want in a man, except in the dick department, but he begged me to give him a chance, so I did. He loves using toys on women since he knows what he has is not going to cut it, so he said he knows of a very realistic toy, so he got it for me and convinced me to let him use to on me. He kept the lights low and talked to me all slow and sexy like as he began to use it on me, like a guided visualization of him having the perfect cock and fucking me with it to perfection every single time.

As the toy glided in and out of me, I was concentrating on his words and how good it felt and feeling my wet cunt lips sucking it into myself as he pushed and pulled it teasingly out of me. It was really hot and I loved the way it felt. I’d never been one much for sex toys, so it was kind of unique to let myself go like this and have one used on me.

I told myself this was his cock and it was making love to me so good as he kissed me and talked to me and all of a sudden I could feel an enormous orgasm welling up inside of me and he increased his speed with which he was dragging it in and out of me and I exploded all over it and there was a gush of my wetness all over the toy and on his hand and it really was like a real cock had fucked me, he told me it could be this good every time, so I look forward to the next time.

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