They Made Me Horny

I had to spend a few nights in a hotel recently as I was away at a business conference and the couple in the room next door to my was quite amorous shall we say. Every night they’d fuck and I would get so turned on listening to their sounds I’d masturbate as I listened to them. I just wished I could also see what they were doing, since they were obviously having a lot of fun to be making such sounds of pleasure. I was pressing my ear against the wall, and I could hear the headboard banging against the shared wall with every thrust.

I could just picture him pinning her down and her legs wrapped around him, beckoning him closer inside of her and feeling his cock inside of her pussy. He nails clawing at her back, and I was closing my eyes picturing all of it and slipping my middle finger down between my cunt lips and stroking my stiff little clit. I loved to masturbate as I heard the sex sounds that were coming from the room next door. They didn’t go on all night and disturb my sleep, it was just for around a half hour, and I was able to get off with them every single night.

I wondered if they had any idea how much their misadventures were turning on the other people in the hotel. I was dripping wet wishing I was the one getting fucked and spread open by a nice, hard, throbbing cock buried all the way inside of me. I was so aroused as I felt my fingers go into myself and imagined it was a hard cock. I looked forward to when they would begin each of the three nights I was there and I came very hard as I touched myself and listened to them. I will remember those sounds of ecstasy for a long time with fondness.

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