Sex Slave Wife

There was an interesting call the other day by a man that had basically put his wife out there as a sex slave, though he claimed she was free to stop at any time. He arranged on hook up sites for men to come over and fuck her while he watched, she had no say in who he chose, and it was not a typical cuckold type of thing you’d think of when a man says he wants his wife to get fucked by other men in front of him. Most cuckold situations, the woman is the one in control, choosing who she wants to fuck, not servicing men not of her choosing and being used like a whore.

This wife was a submissive Asian lady, petite and very isolated, she’d moved here to marry this American man and had no one around her and he just watched or sometimes listened outside the door. She had no say as to what acts were to be performed on her or by whom, yet could stop it any time she wished. This was a weekly thing for years and none of the men apparently used protection and he estimated there’s been hundreds at this point.

One can only hope this entire scenario was all in his fantasy an this poor woman wasn’t actually being subjected to this lifestyle. Some have such wild fantasies and they want to make them seem as realistic as possible and claim they are really going on, when in fact it’s all in their mind. The fantasies have about enslaving others to do things against their will for their own entertainment and anyone else be damned know no ends. To some their own pleasure is all that matters and others are just pawns in their pleasurefull pursuits. He said he had no one to discuss this with, so he wanted to hear some else’s take on things.

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