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Cock Cage Forever

One thing many callers mention that are either small dicked themselves, or that have been placed in a chastity device by a wife, girlfriend or Mistress, is they are able in many cases to train themselves to cum even with … Continue reading

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Cuckold Hubby

There are so many callers that have small penises, it’s hard to keep them all straight. They cry because their wives are out on dates and fucking other men, while they are left home alone with porn to masturbate to, … Continue reading

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Lock Up That Cock

A caller told me last night he’d been kept in chastity for over a month now and he was wearing a custom fitted metal chastity device. He said he’d been locked up in the past for up to two months … Continue reading

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Fem Domme Cock Control

So many men have the desire to be controlled. Their cocks locked up and not able to caress themselves and come to an orgasm. They like the idea of cock control, being totally at the mercy of a dominant woman. … Continue reading

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It’s hard to believe being in chastity and wearing a cock cage is an actual fetish, but for some it is. Some men really get aroused at the idea of their Mistresses keeping the keys to their cock cage. There … Continue reading

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