Cuckold Hubby

There are so many callers that have small penises, it’s hard to keep them all straight. They cry because their wives are out on dates and fucking other men, while they are left home alone with porn to masturbate to, or worse yet, some have actually been put in chastity devices so they aren’t even allowed to masturbate. One called up the other night and said his wife was on a date with her gym instructor, a six foot five black guy with a huge cock and how could he possibly compete with that? I told him he couldn’t, that’s what he was home alone, and she was out fucking Jerome.

His wife had told him this guy’s cock was nearly a foot long and she didn’t know if she’d be able to even take it all in, (she found a way). She loved to rub it in about how small her husband was and how hung her new black boyfriend was and he got so used to hearing how inadequate his three inch penis was, he started to find that normal and natural and being made fun of and mocked was the behavior he was now most comfortable with.

She even brought the black guy home and he was expected to watch, at first it disgusted him, but then he got to enjoy it and soon he was even looking forward to her dates and even asking if he could suck on Jerome’s cock to get it hard for her. He had become a cuckold, and he knew his little dick was only good for masturbating and not meant for fucking women, he said it’s a wonder he didn’t come to this realization many years ago, but he’d finally seen the light with his wife’s help. So many tiny dicked losers out there, and they love to botch and moan about their useless lives.

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