Big Breasted Girl For You

A caller last night was going on about how much he adores big boobs on women, he can’t even bring himself to date anyone under a D cup. He was being set up on a blind date by a friend of his recently and the women he met at the restaurant was a B cup and he knew right then and there he’d never see her again, and he felt badly since she seemed a nice girl, but he knew the sex just wouldn’t be as hot without big breasts, they are just that important to him.

I thought he honestly sounded like a shallow asshole, and god help him if he did get a big breasted woman and she ever needed a mastectomy, that would be the end for him. Some guys are just obsessed with certain body parts, usually breasts. Titty fucks are one of their favorite things to do with the overly endowed woman. They love to slide that cock of their between those luscious tits and pump away and shoot their load all over those big tits.

He frequently had issues with getting erections in public when he’d see a big breasted girl and he’d start to imagine her tits swinging back and forth as he’d be pounding her doggy style, or imagining her on top and them bouncing wildly as they fucked. He seemed easily led astray by sexual thoughts when a big titted girl was around and he’d been admonished many times for not looking at a woman’s eyes when speaking to her. Some guys will never learn, but it’s his fetish, and there’s plenty of big titted girls around to prey on, so have at it.

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