Backdoor Fun For You

This new man I’ve been seeing is quite into anal sex, he asked fairly soon into seeing me if I’d ever tried it and if not would I be open to trying it. I said I’d tried it once a long time ago, but it didn’t really do anything for me so I hadn’t tried again and was fine with that. He asked if I’d let him try and we could see how it goes. I said alright, I’d give it another go. He promised me I’d be glad I did.

The night we tried, he had me drink a lot to relax me and he did a good job of licking my pussy first to really get me wet and horny and I was really felling it, then he started to lick my ass, which I’d never had before and really seemed to enjoy and once I was comfortable with him licking me and teasing me, and he still hadn’t allowed me to cum yet, I was practically begging for his cock at this point, no matter the hole.

He had me get up on all fours and lean on my elbows and he started to tease my cunt lips from behind with the head of his dick to get it all wet and finally he started to ease the head of it inside of my tight ass. I tried to relax as much as possible and finally he got that well lubed cock into my tight ass and I reached underneath and started to finger my pussy and clit as he did so and it felt wonderful and he got a good pace going and I soon came from rubbing my clit and he exploded inside of me. It was nothing like when that ex boyfriend had ass fucked me, I actually came this time and he was patient with me. Overall a good experience I’d like to repeat again.

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