You Deserve To Be Punished

Many callers are interested in being spanked. Once in a while I get one that wants to give me the spanking, but it’s usually the guys that want to be whipped and given a good spanking. Often you can hear them as they whack themselves with something like a slipper, a belt, their own hand or the handle of a wooden hairbrush. One that calls regularly calls it his “fanny punishment.” He likes to pretend that he’s in a boys school and nightly the school nurse comes by to administer spankings to the bad boys before bed.

They all have little glass windows in their doors for her to peer into and see what they are up to and if they need to be punished, especially if they are seen masturbating, they will be given a good lashing and even have their temperature taken as well. The nurse has to do something medical now, doesn’t she? So after the temperature taking, the paddling will happen, until there’s screams of protest from the naughty boys and she goes onto the next room and deals with that naughty boy.

The school scenario for corporal punishment is quite a popular one, especially for older men that grew up in the days when there were still spankings given in schools. That’s pretty much been outlawed everywhere now, but for a long time it was pretty common, and it had a long lasting effect on many of the men who were spanked as boys many decades ago.

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