Let Mommy Teach You

Many boys fantasize about what it would be like to have mommy show them the ropes sexually. Callers often want to talk about what it would be like if mom walked in and caught them masturbating. Would she stop and give them a hand? Would she show them the proper way it’s done, so they could learn how to please themselves for maximum pleasure? A MILF with years of experience would for sure be the best one to guide them, to place her hand on their cock and slowly tease them and stroke it at just the right pace to get them wild with desire.

Would it be extra naughty if mommy was the one to give them their first blow job as well? They feel that hand snake under the covers and mommy start to glide their hard cock in her hand, and then she pulls back the covers and slowly lowers her lips down to her boy’s cock, licking the head of it fort he very first time, he thinks he’s died and gone to heaven the pleasure is so intense, so exquisite, he’s actually having mommy suck on his hard dick.

Would sonny boy really be pressing his luck if he wanted mommy to also be the first one to fuck him? To feel his cock go off inside of her and fuck her with such love, such passion, such a natural sexual curiosity. He’s sneaked peeks at her over the years before, looking at her through the crack in the door as she’s gotten out of the shower, he’s seen her naked before and he wants to touch her, to fuck her, this is the night mommy will finally let her boy fuck her and she will show him how it’s done. There’s no better teacher than mommy in the bedroom.

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