Sharing A Man With Mommy

One common fantasy some men have the like to talk about is a mother daughter threesome. One of my clients for many years is quite into this fantasy and has even talked to my mom on one of our calls and it was quite funny actually to be sitting right beside her as she spoke to him and the had already masturbated and cum a few times as I was talking to him and then he did with her as well and he’s mentioned it many times even though it was only once several years ago, it left quite a lasting impression on him.

He’s forever talking about how he’d like to have a threesome with us both and would we pose in lingerie shots together and send them to him, he goes quite wild at the thought of it and wouldn’t I be jealous if he was making love with her, since he thinks I consider him “my man”, lol, it’s insane! Guys do have their odd things they like to think about! He watches mother daughter porn frequently and when I say it’s all fake he gets mad at me for bursting the illusion of it being real, but it’s funny to get him riled up.

Have you often though about fucking your girlfriend’s or wife’s mom? Lots of men mention that and how much they would e joy having them both. There’s so many stolen panties of mother in law’s out there guys seem to take when they go visiting with their wives and then jerk off into the mother in law’s panties. That is the one woman their partner would be the most upset about them fantasizing about more than any other in all likelihood, so if you do, for heaven’s sakes, keep it to yourself.

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