Craving Hairy Muff

Once in a while callers will want to talk about pubic hair fetish. It’s more common these days for women to trim or even shave or wax bald their pussies, though pubic hair seems to be making a bit of a come back, but some men, usually older ones that were raised seeing women with a full bush will never prefer the bald look and seek women that are hairy. Some will want all body hair, on legs, under arms, the hairier the better. There will always be some that prefer the extremes. Especially ones into more natural European women that are less apt to shave any body parts.

The smells that stick to pubic hair, vaginal musk, urine, these appeal to some men that like the more natural, unwashed smells that so easily cling to body hair. Some certainly do not mind not only the odors that accompany such body hair, but the loose hairs, they don’t mind picking loose hairs out of their mouths during oral sex. There’s hairy and then there’s bordering on looking like an animal, but some even like that extreme as well. The extremes are exactly what appeal to some men, not just the normal amount.

Though what is “normal” varies from woman to woman. To some a handful of hairs that is barely there is normal, others look like they are sporting a full fledged wig between their legs. Some want to be buried in mountains of pubic curls, smells and all. Some do crave the remnants of urine droplets that stuck to the hair, giving it that acrid, not so fresh smell, they don’t mind in the least. Others will not even touch a pussy unless it’s clean and shaved bald, it varies a lot what men desire what. There will be someone out there for you no matter how much or how little hair you sport.

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