Fem Domme Cock Control


So many men have the desire to be controlled. Their cocks locked up and not able to caress themselves and come to an orgasm. They like the idea of cock control, being totally at the mercy of a dominant woman. A woman that has complete and utter control over when or even if they will be allowed to have an orgasm. Some have called locked up for weeks on end, even months, since they have surrendered that control to their Mistress or wife that is cuckolding them.

It’s not uncommon to have men call in this state, some Mistresses even have what they call key holding services, where a client will mail them the key to their chastity device and they will only return it when they see fit to do so. If a man misbehaves, the time between unlockings may very well be increased, so a week becomes a month, a month becomes three months. Of course they could take matters into their own hands and try and remove it or if desperation truly set in, they could call a locksmith, but imagine the shame, the embarrassment and the humiliation for having to get a professional involved that would be snickering the entire time, or they might not even get involved at all.

One caller sent me a picture once of a metal belt connected to his chastity device, he’d made it himself and it didn’t look at all comfortable, but he felt he needed to be in one of these devices for the good of his self control. People do indeed have odd ideas about what they need in their lives.

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