Fuck Them Titties


Lots of callers are more than obsessed with breasts. Some very much like to talk about titty fucking. One of my callers loves everything to do with tits, the idea of nursing, milk, tit fucks, it’s all right up there. Several clients have breast growing fantasies where their partners can make their breasts grow larger on demand and blow up like balloons!

Do big tits and tit fucks drive you to the edge of horniness? Big, bouncy tits wrapped around your cock and driving you wild as their billowy softness envelops your hard, throbbing, pre cum leaking cock. Maybe your lover would be so kind as to lick the tip of that cock and taste all the dripping pre cum as well as smear some on her bountiful tits and nipples. Maybe you’d like to see her lick that pre cum off her own nipples and watch her nurse on her own tits, that would surely drive you wild!

Squeezing them close together, watching your cock head drive between them and out towards her waiting, open mouth. Tit fucks can be fun, an appetizer for the main event of real fucking. Some couples might use that method if a woman is on her period and they aren’t into sex during that time. Period sex isn’t for everyone, and non penetrative sex could be just the ticket to tide you over until things are less messy. Lots of guys also love blowing a load over their partners tits and giving her a “pearl necklace” made of cum drops.

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