Can You Smell That?


Most of us like the idea of sex with a clean partner, right out of the shower would be ideal, no sweat, grime, smegma, remnants from anything. Not everyone is wanting that though, for some, a more earthy aroma is welcome and even desired. Years ago a caller asked about a “fishy pussy”. He liked women that hadn’t showered in around three to four days. He liked them ripe.

Napoleon used to write Josephine not to wash for a few days when he was coming home from military duties, he too enjoyed a ripe woman, which in France at that time wouldn’t have been hard to find, perfume after all was created with the intent to cover up unwashed body smells since people didn’t bathe with nearly the frequency then that they do now. It would have been more difficult, a lot more difficult actually, in the days before indoor plumbing to do such a thing as bathe, and after all pubic hair was really a way to trap the smells and make it more enticing, so it seems only modern society has for the most part sought to eradicate all body odors. I’m sure the cave man would have loved a woman that hadn’t visited the river in a few days!

Underarm hair as well, is designed to trap the smells, and people that do not wear deodorant are very obvious in today’s world. Some callers are not only into unwashed pussy, but ass and underarms. I’ve had more than a few callers ask to talk about licking a dirty bum or licking arm pits. This kind of thing might not be appealing to most of us, but rest assured, there are lots of men out there that don’t mind their woman fresh from her workout, sweaty and stinky and damp.

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