You Shouldn’t Rape Your Mother


One of my clients has a bit of a twisted fantasy. Now You hear a lot of mommy calls, but they are not usually violent, they are taking the mother son love to a whole new level. You once in a while hear of forced fantasies where a guy is forcing a woman to fuck him, raping her, but to have a fantasy to rape and degrade ones own mother is a bit less common, thank goodness.

It seems such a fantasy would be based in a lot of anger and resentment, not just the normal mommy son dynamic of mommy teaching her boy about sex and how to be a good lover, but having degradation and force in that scenario, it really makes you wonder what all mommy did to them to give them such a fantasy in the first place, but it’s not an operators position to pry into personal matters and ask. If they volunteer such info ad wish to discuss it that’s one thing, but to ask might make them uncomfortable and put them off calling if they think you’re attempting to head shrink them.

Only a couple of times over the years have a couple of clients mentioned this fantasy, and it’s always a bit disturbing to hear. One would have gang rape fantasies of his mother and do it himself as well. Others it’s just them forcing mom to submit to them and do depraved things. Not just fucking, but making her drink their piss, being pissed on, all kinds of things no child should be thinking of doing to their mother. It’s an odd combination of fantasies, but hopefully there it will remain, and never be brought to reality.

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