Paddle My Rear

To be spanked by ones boyfriend is a lot of fun for some of us. To be taken over the knee and be given a sound paddling and then a good pussy fingering and fucking is a pleasure for ones into spanking. Lots calling up for phone sex like to be spanked, but once in a while you will get the dominant caller that likes to do the spanking.

Calls where I have clapped my hands hundreds of times to simulate spanking noises, someone’s rear end would be paddled red if in fact they had endured that many spanks! I like the idea of being bent over and given a few hard swats and then those fingers wander lower and deeper into wet and wonderful places. Probing fingers seeking out your stiffened clit and wet cunt lips. Massaging the clit and making me buck back and forth on their hand.

Some men like to be spanked so hard they couldn’t sit down for days they’d be so black and blue. Many of course came to this fetish because they were caught by mommy jerking off and punished in the years of their sexual awakening and that left a big impression on them and thus their lifelong fetish was born, very common this is. You hear the same variation on this incident time and again of mommy catching them and the resulting spanking. Some playful swats between lovers is one thing, it can be just that, playful, and it’s important to try new things and see if your partner is up for new challenges and adventures.

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