cock cage

It’s hard to believe being in chastity and wearing a cock cage is an actual fetish, but for some it is. Some men really get aroused at the idea of their Mistresses keeping the keys to their cock cage. There are even “key holding services”. I myself have been asked by clients if they can mail me the keys to their chastity devices. I recall once in one day I had three different callers that were wearing them.

Talk about the ultimate in controlling a man, they can’t even urinate properly while wearing these devices, they need to sit down to go. The cages have slots in them to allow for air flow and water if they are worn long term, they can just be worn while you shower, soap and water would flow through, but you’d think there would be skin chaffing and irritation, yet I have talked to men that wore these for months at a time seemingly with no issue.

If you had a man wearing a chastity device, obviously you wouldn’t need to worry about him cheating on you, but the primary purpose of them seems to be more that the man is not able to masturbate himself, he cannot cum while wearing it. I recall one model had an accessory called the “points of intrigue”, where there were little spikes on the inside so if the one wearing it got aroused and his cock started to become erect, the points would dig into his cock causing pain. Kind of an amusing situation, to be sure. Only the most submissive of men would like to wear one of these devices, others would balk at a woman being in control of their each and every orgasm. I think they have a place for sure in many relationships.

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