Fake Boobs Are Hot?

fake tits

Most men go gaga for big, natural tits, but recently I talked to a man that was quite taken with artificial breasts-much more so than real ones. I found this quite odd since most everyone prefers natural. This guy felt a woman who goes the expense and trouble of going through with this procedure really cares about her appearance. I can’t disagree she cares, it’s vanity driving her decision.

Most fake boob jobs sadly do look fake and are easily seen as fake if you can see the woman nude. Fake boobs in porn are spotted a mile off. Many all but look like baseballs under the skin they are so badly done. Yet this man was really turned by obviously fake breasts. Titty fucks are popular, and a big pair of fake tits can certainly do that when a pair of natural A cups simply will not. Under clothes fake tits will look just fine, but nude, they usually look fairly bad and unnatural.

Some men ask if mine are fake or natural if they haven’t seen them, I say of course they are real, they aren’t that big, so ones wanting fake ones would likely get bigger than mine are naturally, and some have said the difference in fake and real is so evident by touch as well, so I was surprised anyone would like fake over real, but I guess for everyone out there, some variation will appeal. Some fake boobed girls do have their fans, not a doubt.

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