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Teasing My Cunt

Last night my boyfriend wanted to get into a bit of tease and denial. However I was the one being denied! He thought it would be fun to tease me and deny me to the point where I’d know what … Continue reading

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Don’t Put It In

My current boyfriend is really into tease and denial and loves to be brought right to the brink and not be allowed to cum. I of course cum many times. He even has enough control that I can fuck him, … Continue reading

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Lock Up That Cock

A caller told me last night he’d been kept in chastity for over a month now and he was wearing a custom fitted metal chastity device. He said he’d been locked up in the past for up to two months … Continue reading

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Cock Control Phone Sex

Cock control can be fun, I love to make my boyfriend beg for me to please fuck him. I like to straddle him and push his dick back onto his stomach and glide my cunt lips and clit up and … Continue reading

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