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Love Bites

My man loves to tease me. I don’t just mean the average amount of teasing, he really loves to go the extra mile. When we first started seeing one another and I wanted to make love all the time, he … Continue reading

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Teasing Step Daddy

I enjoyed teasing my step father when I was younger. I look just like a younger version of my mom, so I knew he lusted after me, like he did her. But I was younger and thinner than she was. … Continue reading

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Don’t Put It In

My current boyfriend is really into tease and denial and loves to be brought right to the brink and not be allowed to cum. I of course cum many times. He even has enough control that I can fuck him, … Continue reading

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Can I Touch You There?

Something that fetishists are into is tickling. Some focus on the feet, others are the full body variety. A bit of tickling can be fun, but when you have the other person tied up and they cannot escape, then it … Continue reading

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