Love Bites

My man loves to tease me. I don’t just mean the average amount of teasing, he really loves to go the extra mile. When we first started seeing one another and I wanted to make love all the time, he put the brakes on, saying it would lose all the specialness if we did it too much. I was nearly frantic with wanting him every single day and he was teasing me by making me wait and then when we finally got to it, he would touch me and kiss me until I was virtually on the brink of cumming before he’d even enter me.

He is a skillful lover and I appreciate him, but the love bites, the gentle caresses I wish were a bit more firm, I know he does it just to drive me wild and it’s working. I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want him. It’s fun to see just how close he can get me to cumming with his administrations, literally making me beg for his cock. I want him a lot more often than I get him. It’s like the old supply and demand thing, if there’s a limited supply, you want something more than if it’s there any time you wish to reach for it. It’s true, but it’s a bit of a frustrating way to have to live.

Kissing my breasts and my neck, and then lightly giving me a nip on the neck. I like his love bites and sometimes have even been left with a bit of a mark. They didn’t hurt though. I feel like a teenager going around with a hickey when he does it, having to cover it with makeup so no one will see my little love nip. He does love to drive me crazy with all his teasing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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