I Posed Nude

When I was in college a few times to make extra money, I used to pose nude fort he art classes. Most were fairly quiet and respectful, but you couldn’t help but see the reaction some of the men got when they had a real, live nude woman only a few feet away from them. I used to try not to smile when I’d notice the pants getting tighter, the erections growing as they’d draw me on their sketch pads. I dated one of the men that was in the class. He was good looking and asked me out once after the class, so I went.

He just had to get to know the lady that he’d seen every inch of before he even knew her name. We dated for several months. The sex with him was very good. He had a lovely cock, I used to tell him he should be doing some nude modeling as well fort he art class, he had such a good body. I loved to suck on his cock and drive him wild. He’d be able to last so long, he would never blow his load until I was ready for him to.

I’d take that cock in my hand, caress it, lay it against my cheek and then start to lay little kisses all over it, up one side and down the other. Massaging his balls as I kissed his cock. It would make me so wet to do it, by the time he finally fucked me I was on the verge of cumming and it would not take long at all. I loved how he’d get me so horny that it took so little effort for me to cum. I’d just milk his cock in my orgasming cunt and feel every last drop of his cum squirt into me. Some men leave you with a real impression they are such hot lovers.

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