Phone Sex to Please Your Cock

If you’re like most men, you love to masturbate and do it a good deal. Sometimes alone, sometimes watching porn, and maybe sometimes with phone sex. Calling up a sexy lady to talk to while you rub one out can be a very hot experience. That one on one interaction you get while you discuss your fantasies, there’s nothing quite like it. Some callers especially like having their name said as they are being spoken to. It really gives the call that personalized effect they are looking for. No porn will give you that.

Some assume all guys calling for phone sex are seeking to listen to a woman masturbate, or want to watch them do it on cam. Some are calling for this sort of experience, but the majority are not. Your fantasies are uniquely yours, and many times we know the things you fantasize about would not go over well with your wife or girlfriend, so it’s best to share them with someone else rather than your partner. This is the case many times when guys have some hidden kink they keep to themselves and only share with someone not really in their life that could make things difficult for them.

You can lay back and let the operator do the work, let them entertain you by having them spin a sex scene for you to lose yourself in. Some guys just want to lay back and relax and not do all the work for a change, and that’s totally fine, that’s what you’re paying for. Maybe you had a very naughty experience years ago you’ve been dying to get off your chest and have never shared. We phone sex girls are the perfect ones to confess your secrets to. We are happy to listen, and maybe get a little bit excited doing so!

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