He Licked Me From Behind

A man that knows his way around a pussy is a treasure to behold. Some are seriously clueless as to what’s going on down there. Recently I have been dating a true pussy licking expert that has been giving me much pleasure. He asked me if I’d ever had my pussy licked from behind and I said sure. He wanted to know if I’d like to try it again. He said he knew the best position for me to get my body in to make my clit stick out the best and have the most wonderful orgasm from. I said let’s try it.

It was even more wonderful than on my back with my legs spread. The angle of having it licked from behind really was fantastic. I loved how he controlled how much I could move and squirm around with his arms around my ass and my back, I knew he’d done this to other ladies before. He knew just how to handle me. I could feel his wriggling tongue all over my now sopping wet, juicy pussy and I was just moaning with delight at how he was kissing me in the most intimate way. Possible.

I’m totally shaved, and I like it when my totally bare pussy is being caressed by a hot, willing tongue that’s determined to drive me to the heights of sexual ecstasy. Some guys seriously love going down on a woman more than anything else, and I hate to say it since it makes me sound selfish, but I truly love to receive a lot more than I like to give. So a guy really into pussy will absolutely be a favorite partner of mine. Some are happy just to do it, and they expect nothing in return. That’s my kind of man, a giver of pleasure.

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