Teasing Step Daddy

I enjoyed teasing my step father when I was younger. I look just like a younger version of my mom, so I knew he lusted after me, like he did her. But I was younger and thinner than she was. I would do all kinds of things to tease him. I would shower with the bathroom door open a crack and I knew he was upstairs. I’d bend over to dry myself off, with my luscious fat ass exposed, my cunt lips fully visible from behind. I knew he’d be watching me. I’d glance up in the mirror and see him standing there, but he was so fixated on my ass, he wasn’t looking at the mirror to see me seeing him.

I knew he’d get hard watching me and then go beat off in his room. I so wanted him to call out my name when he was having sex with my mom, that would have sent her into orbit. I’d have gotten a good laugh at that for sure. He’d sure have been in the dog house over that faux pas! I would often go without underwear on and bend over and pick things up I dropped “by accident” just get a rise out of him. Literally and figuratively. He was easy to tease and would be so flustered if caught, it was amusing.

He somehow contained himself and never made a move on me, but I did my best to keep him in a perpetual state of desire. My mom was a nurse that worked nights, so he had plenty of opportunity to be bad if he tried, but he was too timid to do anything but look. It was mean really, but kept me entertained during my teen years. I know he sure jerked off a lot thinking about me though. I could hear him whimpering behind his door many a night when he was alone and I’d pulled some stunt like the bathroom door being open a bit.

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