Squirting Sex

There’s a lot of guys that call and ask if I squirt. This seems to be a much desired quality in women apparently. Men feel that women want a virtual firehose in a man, able to shoot copious quantities of cum, and apparently they also want their women to be able to shoot as well. The wetter the better for both parties is the name of the game. Bring the beach towels and plastic sheeting. The elusive G spot orgasm. Personally I’ve never had one myself, so I cannot speak from personal squirting experience. My clit serves me just fine for orgasms.

I cannot imagine wanting to make such a mess, but many do want it. Some say it’s just pee, I may never have squirted, but when I go pee, it doesn’t shoot out of me like a water cannon, so I cannot rightly say one way or the other what is going on. Can you make a woman squirt? Some like to brag about their extraordinary orgasm giving abilities and how they never made anyone cum so hard as when they give them the G spot orgasm. There are sex toys designed for ones to masturbate with that are shaped with that upward crook design to hit that right spot to induce this sort of orgasm while masturbating, though I’m not a personal fan of sex toys, so I do not know what they can produce in the way of a squirting orgasm.

Does porn where the woman goes off like Old Faithful turn you on? Does that gush of fluid drive you wild when you see it shoot out of her? Do you lick the liquid up? Some men say they do, is there pee in it? What do you think of these female ejaculation orgasms? Why not give one of our ladies a call and we can have a nice chat all about it and you can tell us if you’ve ever been able to make a woman cum like that or not.

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