Horny BBW Seniors

Now there was an usual call the other day I had combining two fetishes. BBW, which is fairly common, and older women. This caller thought wanted the extremes of both. Women nearly four hundred pounds, and into their nineties. You really don’t see older people of that size, most really large people either die younger, or weight seems to come off them as they get older naturally, so you would be hard pressed to find such a person. I’ll go along with their fantasy though. Odd though it may be. So this man calls saying he’s been fucking his mom for years, uh huh, lol. That he’s forty four, she’s nearly four hundred pounds, and in her seventies.

Now the really amusing part comes when he said he’d been promised as a gift to her friend, her also nearly four hundred pound friend, who’s having her ninety second birthday in the local nursing home, and he’s the present. Sure he is, lol. It was honestly hard not to laugh, but he was dead serious, he was really committed to his fantasy of the super sized seniors. So he was snuck into her room at the nursing home where they made hot love all through the night.

Hey, it’s all harmless enough, and what makes one person laugh or cringe in disgust gets another hotter than they could imagine. So he’s beating his forty four year old dick to this weird fantasy of the geriatric BBW’s. Not sure where you’d find such women, I asked and he said he finds them “online”. Of course he does, since so many women in their nineties are making profiles on Tinder and POF. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I’m sure some older lady would be flattered for the attentions of a younger man half their age, especially when she’s nearly a century old .

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