Naughty Neighbor

I’ve always been kind of a busybody, I can’t help it. When I was younger this nice looking single man moved in next door and I was pretty curious about him and I’d always be spying on him whenever I could. He caught me a few times, but never said anything to my parents. One day they were out and he knew I was home alone, and he came over under the pretext of returning some of my father’s tools. I asked him in and he placed them on the table. I offered him some iced tea and we chatted a bit. Then he said he’d seen me looking at him through the curtains and he knew I’d been spying on him.

I was embarrassed, but of course I couldn’t deny it. He asked me why I had. I said I thought he was nice looking. With that, he walked over and kissed me and began to rub my breast. I didn’t stop him or ask him to leave. We went into the living room and he fucked me right then and there. I felt like a bad girl doing this when my parents were out and they had no idea I’d be fucking the neighbor o their sofa.

We actually did this several times when we had the opportunity, sometimes he’d come here when they were out, or I’d go over to his place and we’d have sneaky, hot sex when we could. He was nearly my father’s age and they would not have been pleased if they found out, I knew that for sure.He had a nice cock and I loved to suck on it and let him fuck me. I’d fucked a couple of boyfriend’s before, but this was a real man, not a boy my own age, and I knew he liked fucking me as well. This went on for a few years until I left for college. I will always have fond memories of our times together.

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