Cock Control Phone Sex


Cock control can be fun, I love to make my boyfriend beg for me to please fuck him. I like to straddle him and push his dick back onto his stomach and glide my cunt lips and clit up and down, bucking my hips and make myself cum that way before I ever even consider fucking him. He gets hard as a rock and so frustrated he’s even shot his load while I did that to him, but told him if he did that again, I’d have to consider a cock cage for him.

Sometimes before I do the gliding up and down his cock, I will have sat on his face for a while, and have him suck on my clit, my juicy, shaved cunt right on his mouth. He’s very good at licking pussy and I love how it makes his cock rock hard just from smelling me and tasting me, my juices spread all over his face from ear to ear.

I like to cum a lot, up to five times per fucking session, and usually he’s one and done, so he needs to do a lot of work before I even consider letting him have his. In fact, I’d better be finished cumming before he even blows his load, since he might be too tired to go on after he cums, so I am to be served first. Sliding on his hard cock underside can be just as satisfying as penetrative sex to me, I do slide it inside once in a while though, have to toss him a bone once in a while. He is a good fuck, it’s just fun to tease him and make him beg.

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