Dress You Up In Ladies Underwear

So many callers are wearing ladies lingerie and stockings and makeup and wigs and many claim to be going out in public this way as well. It either is a growing trend, or else it’s always been going on and they are just more open about it now, I think it is the latter. The number of men seeking anal stimulation and the desire to suck cock is a lot higher than many would believe.

They also ask for my opinion. If you had a boyfriend and came home and saw him wearing your underwear, what would you do, could you handle it? Would you get right into it and want to dom him around and make him your bitch? They seem to want to have approval for their actions. Some also want a real guy to fuck them, orally, anally, really dominate them. They might not like my answer, but if they want the truth, I will give it to them.

So the next time you see a guy looking at lingerie, don’t assume it’s for their wife or girlfriend, it might just be for their own private use they will be dressing up in it for their masturbation time. One of my panty boy callers loves ladies underwear more than any lady I’ve ever talked to, he wears it exclusively and is an extreme panty boy sissy. Real women frighten him, and he is only into the underwear, he doesn’t wear clothes or dresses, people are sissified to different degrees.

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