Teasing My Cunt

Last night my boyfriend wanted to get into a bit of tease and denial. However I was the one being denied! He thought it would be fun to tease me and deny me to the point where I’d know what it’s like for him to have blue balls, though I’ve never done that to him. He was just in a funny mood, and I’m game for anything, so I agreed. He had me on my back at the edge of the bed and ran his dick up and along my pussy lips, getting me all gooey wet. Then he’d place the tip of his cock right at the cunt opening and let me think he was going to slide it inside.

I was practically begging him to put it inside by the time he finally did. I could feel that ache in my pussy lips, what I assume blue balls feel like in a guy. It’s a deep ache from all that blood that has engorged the cunt lips and that only an orgasm will release. He knew I was at that point. I was literally writhing on the bed beneath him, like a bitch in heat. He ran his cock up and down the lips once more before sliding it into me and then toying with my clit.

I arched my back when he did it and grabbed at him, bucking against him wildly as he finally gave me the release I so desperately sought. He pounded me hard and it wasn’t long with him toying with my clit and him fucking me that I exploded in a creamy mess all over his cock. I knew I needed to cum again, that ache was not totally gone after one orgasm. I told him to keep fucking me and he did. It didn’t take more than a few more minutes until I once more came on his cock. I was spent, breathing heavily until I calmed down. Tease and denial can be a very fun thing.

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