Pump It Up

My boyfriend got me a pussy pump sex toy recently and it’s been a different kind of experience. It engorges your pussy lips with blood, making them much more sensitive to touch and various sorts of stimulation. Yes, it looks kind of weird if you let it pump them up too much, but the increased sensitivity is out of this world. It’s made it easier to cum, I really recommend trying it if you haven’t. Now the pic and many other pics online are over pumped way beyond what you really need for this tool to be effective, but I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

My boyfriend says it makes my pussy feel even tighter to fuck than normal, since the entry point is all swollen, making it seem a lot tighter. I enjoy using it and he no longer needs to work so hard to make me cum. He’s had me use this pump a few times now, before oral sex and before fucking. You really need to try it to see for yourself. He’s kind of enamored with the odd way it looks. It’s so swollen after a good pump session, it almost looks cartoonish in nature it’s so overly large.

I love to cum, but sadly as we age, that ability can be impaired in some ways and it takes more effort to get there. This toy has been something that makes it easier, so yes, I am all for trying it with your partner, especially if they are finding it more difficult to achieve orgasm. Many men enjoy a penis pump, now there’s these pussy pumps for women, and there’s a smaller type you can use on your nipples. Some pumps just come with different attachments so you can use the same pump with a different head. One for the nipples, one for the clit, one for the whole pussy lip area. See what it does for your sexual experience.

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