Dreams of Bambi

I had an odd call the other night. Now this man was not interested in actual animals he said, but he had a fantasy where the deer he’d been feeding for years in his backyard became human. One of them did anyway. A female one. He lays in his bed late one night and all of a sudden a beautiful woman is by his bed, licking his face and showing him affection. Something seems familiar about her, but he does not know who this strange fantasy woman is whom he’s soon making passionate love to.

They have sensual, passionate lovemaking all night long. Kissing, touching, fucking, and there’s something so sweet and tame about the young woman. He doesn’t question who or what she is or how she got into his home in the middle of the night. She is gone just as suddenly in the morning, with no trace of her having been there. Then several months later he sees the female deer out in his backyard once more, this time with a small fawn. He knows it’s her baby, and it has a stripe of dark hair, the way he does. Suddenly he’s aware this deer was the woman he made love to months before, and the fawn is his offspring, yet they are both all deer and he is still all man.

I guess there must be folk tales of animals or monsters that come to life as humans for a brief period of time and interact with other humans and perhaps breed with them when they are in their presence. It was an odd call, yet harmless, just quite odd. I’ve no idea how many have such fantasies about animals that morph into humans and then make love with other humans, surely there must be others thinking the same thoughts. One never knows.

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